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November 1, 2011

New Red Sox Season on the Horizon

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The 2012 MLB season is creeping closer as we approach the New Year, which means the 2012 schedule for the Boston Red Sox is up and fans are already picking their seats! There are some excellent games set on the schedule that will certainly have a good turnout, like the Yankees at Red Sox on April 21, the Tampa Bay Rays at Red Sox on April 13 and May 27, and the Orioles at Red Sox on May 5.

Since this site is about the Red Sox of the past, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look at the last time the Red Sox faced these three teams (Yankees, Rays and Orioles) in the regular season. It is well known that the Red Sox had a rough end to their 2011 season, so this might be slightly painful:

Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays – 9/15-9/18 @ Boston – Rays (3 wins) vs. Red Sox (1 win)

Red Sox vs. New York Yankees – 9/24-9/25 @ New York – Yankees (2 wins) vs. Red Sox (1 win)

Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles – 9/26-9/28 @ Baltimore – Orioles (2 wins) vs. Red Sox (1 win)

Although the Red Sox may not have won those series, it definitely means they are due for some wins this 2012 season. Keep an eye out for great games on the 2012 MLB regular season schedule. Game on!

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