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April 28, 2011

Terrible Month Winds Down for Red Sox

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April 2011 is a month I think most Red Sox fans would rather forget.  After their blockbuster offseason, the Red Sox came out flat and while they still sit near the cellar, they’re inching their way back up to the .500 mark.  In fact if they close out the month with a pair of wins, they’ll be 13-13.  They still have a long way to go to catch the Yankees, but there’s also a lot of ball left to play.

Kevin Youkilis has had a bizarre season.  He leads the team with five home runs and fourteen RBIs, but he’s hitting only .214.  Of course he’s made up for that with 17 walks and his OPS is still knocking on the door of .900 because ten of his fifteen hits are for extra bases.  Adrian Gonzalez hasn’t quite lived up to his billing with a .789 OPS but there’s still five months left for him to get his numbers up.

Jon Lester and Josh Beckett have been good but after that it’s been a crap shoot.  John Lackey is still struggling and you wonder much more rope he’ll get.  Dice-K has been okay and that’s a pleasant surprise but this rotation isn’t filling me with loads of hope.

Next up is three against the sub-par Mariners.  They’ve won three straight so hopefully the Red Sox can walk away with some wins and end that nonsense.  Even with the slow start, Red Sox tickets are hard to come by.  I wonder how crazy it’s going to get once this team heats up.

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