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March 5, 2011


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What’s going on everybody. We’re going to keep this post fairly business-like. I gotta get this thing turned in before the Michigan State basketball game, you know how it is.
1. Jon Lester. 2010 stats: 3.25 ERA, 19-9, 1.20 WHIP. Brief: I heard an interview with John Smoltz recently and to say he has a ‘man crush’ on Lester would be putting it lightly. Smoltz said he would take Lester over every other starter in the big leagues besides Roy Hallady.
2. Josh Beckett. 2010 stats: 5.78 ERA, 6-6, 1.54 WHIP. Brief: Beckett struggled last season with a bad back. Furthermore, some scouts said he fell in love with his cutter instead of sticking with a fastball-curve-changeup regiment. When healthy however, he’s as good as it gets.
3. John Lackey. 2010 stats: 4.40 ERA, 14-11, 1.42 WHIP. Brief: Perhaps it took Lackey sometime to adjust to the AL East last year, as he got off to a slow start. However, as the season wore on, Lackey’s production improved. By the way, seeing the Red Sox starters heights and weights makes me realize that I don’t appreciate how monstrous a lot of big leaguers are. Lester is 6’4”, Beckett is 6’5” and Lackey is 6’6”. That’s like the sickest rec league basketball team ever.
4. Clay Buchholz. 2010 stats: 2.33 ERA, 17-7, 1.20 WHIP. Brief: Nice WHIP and ERA for Buchholz last year, but his strikeout rate (6.9 per nine innings) and walk rate (3.5) were a bit disappointing. Still, if this guy is your fourth starter, you’re in pretty damn good shape.
5. Daisuke Matsuzaka. 2010 stats: 4.69 ERA, 9-6, 1.37 WHIP. Brief: Remember when the Red Sox were pining for the Japanese superstar a few years ago? They handed over crazy amounts of cash to purchase him. He flew over to the U.S. on a private jet and wore one of those winter jackets with the fur hood that you might see a 14-year old girl wear here in the states. Needless to say, we all expected big things. Now he holds on to the last spot in the rotation. It’s been an up-and-down career thus far for Dice-K because of his inability at times to throw strikes.
Daniel Bard. 2010 stats: 1.93 ERA, 32 holds, 1.00 WHIP. Brief: Bard is a great setup man. He can strike batters out as well as he can get them to ground out. If Papelbon struggles in the early going, Bard could potentially fill that closer role.
Closer: Jonathan Papelbon. 2010 stats: 3.90 ERA, 37 saves, 1.27 WHIP. Brief: Papelbon will have a short leash this year if he continues to not be able to locate his fastball. Bard or the newly-acquired Bobby Jenks may see a lot of save opportunities. Which is good ’cause I don’t want to look at Papelbon’s face anymore when he pitches.
Alright see you guys next week.

The pitching is there now the team just has to put it all together.  Red Sox Tickets are going to be tough to come by as usual but I think this is just going to be a special year.

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