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June 28, 2007

Red Sox Head Home After Sweep In Seattle

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It hasn’t been a good week for the Red Sox.  Unless of course you’re looking at the Yankees’ box score every day, then I’m sure you’re getting a chuckle.  The Red Sox went into Seattle and left with three straight losses and they’ve now lost four of their last five.

The good news is, nobody else is stepping up in the division so the Red Sox still have ten game lead in the loss column.  And even better, the last place Rangers roll into town for four games in a wrap around series that ends on Monday.  There’s no Curt Schilling but it might not matter much because everyone of these pitching matchups looks awesome.

Julio Lugo hasn’t gotten a hit since June 14.  And before today’s game, he was hitting .089 in the month of June.  That’s after hitting .209 in May.  It’ll be fun to see what happens if Lugo can ever catch fire because the Red Sox have been winning without him so far.

Kevin Youkilis has come back down to earth in June.  His last homerun came on May 29 and Youkilis has a mediocre .736 OPS in the month of June.  He still has a .415 OBP and a .330 batting average, he’s just riding that outstanding May.

Josh Beckett is one of two players in the majors with 11 games and this was even with him hitting the disabled list.  C.C. Sabathia is the other one but what’s been so awesome about Beckett’s season is how he hasn’t walked anyone.  He has just 20 walks in 91 innings and he’s twelth in the American League in walks per game.

Here’s to hoping the Red Sox take care of the Rangers.

June 19, 2007

Red Sox Hold Back Yankees With Sweep Over Giants

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Barry Bonds came and went and the while he did take Tim Wakefield deep, it was the Red Sox who got the last laugh with three straight wins.  The Red Sox couldn’t make it four in a row as they lost to the Braves yesterday but what they’ve accomplished is a match of the Yankees.  So despite the Yankees taking care of Mets, the Yankees are still right back where they started, eight games back.

And that’s without David Ortiz even finding his power stroke yet, not that he’s not helping out in other ways.  He’s right behind Mike Lowell with eleven homeruns but he’s hitting .332 and he’s getting on base.  He has almost as many doubles as he had all of last year and his OPS is right where it was last year.  His 40/47 strikeout to walk ratio is just awesome and you know the homeruns are going to come.

Curt Schilling has been kind of a question mark.  He hasn’t been horrible, but he’s also not the shutdown pitcher (at least game in and game out) that he’s been in the past.  His WHIP, ERA and batting average against are all up from last year and his strikeouts are down.  That doesn’t make him a bad pitcher though and you have to wonder how well the Red Sox will do once Schilling finds his groove.

Julio Lugo continues his struggles.  He’s now closer to the Mendoza line and his .574 OPS is simply pathetic.  This is a guy who just by playing like he should, could make a nice impact on the team.  And his WARP sits at zero so you’ve basically gotten replacement level quality so far, which isn’t acceptable.

The Red Sox have two more against the Braves and then three against a tough Padres team so this is going to be a tough week.  Tonight it’ll be Josh Beckett against Tim Hudson in a nice pitching match up.

June 4, 2007

Red Sox Stay Ahead of the Pack

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I’ve been busy helping get the 1967 AL Pennant Race site caught up.  We’re getting there but with the net problems and then some vacations between the participants, it’s been a slow process.  Soon though. At this point in time in 1967, the Red Sox weren’t near the top of the pack anyway so it’s all good.

The Red Sox dropped two of three to the Yankees.  It feels good to say this, but big deal.  In fact the Yankees aren’t our primary problem, the Blue Jays are and they still sit 10 1/2 games back.  This is getting fun and while running away with things (if they run away with things) makes for a boring August and September, it’s much better then say, what happened last year.

David Ortiz has been nursing a sore hamstring.  It’s not a big deal now because he only has to swing the bat but when interleague play starts back up, it could spell trouble.  Then again, it could allow us to give Ortiz the time off he needs.

You have to love Kevin Youkilis and I suspected he have something like this in him.  While his hitting streak is over, he still helped out with some walks in the Red Sox win on Saturday.  Anytime your OPS is close to a four digit number, you know you’re doing good.  I’m surprised they haven’t pushed him back into the leadoff spot with that .433 OBP.

And Mike Lowell is the other pleasant surprise.  He leads the team with eleven homers and 45 RBIs and that’s no small task when you have Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz on your team.  Now, if Julio Lugo would just get going…..

West coast trips are no small task and the Red Sox start one tonight with four against the A’s.  Then interleague picks up with three against a solid Diamondbacks team.  If we can win four of seven every week though, the Red Sox will get all of the wins they need so I’m not too worried about either series.  And with the other teams being beat up in the East, I’m thinking there’s no need to worry, Yankees series win or not.

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